Dating and your Soulmate?


Are you truly happy?


Things you should know....


Have you ever told a person that you really liked them, and then

for some strange reason they turned cold as ice and stopped returning your calls?


Are you spending many days and nights obsessing over someone, unsure they may not feel the same?


Spending time depressed over a broken relationship, can't

"Let go"


Someone confesses that their love for you was strictly platonic but the signs/action say's something different, does that leave you confused?  Plus, when should you move on and how?


Your "emotional attachment" grew stronger and stronger, and they grew more insecure and distance in the relationship?


Cheating spouse?...

Know the signs.. Need a guide on how to make it work...How should you react?...Should you stay or leave?


Are you experiencing problems with In-laws, step-kids, ex-wives, family/sibling or friends?


"Let me give you a Personal Psychic reading with day to day counseling, to get you through the difficult times."

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Love and Relationship...


Why it's so important to seek advice...


Finding your true love, will it last?


Should you wait for him or her?


Do you want him or need him?


Before you go at it along, call me to seek counseling and advice, no one knows everything.....

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